How to take the time to stay relevant.

All illustrations by Celeste Caiello

Staying relevant seems like it’s getting harder. The pace and scale of change — socially, economically, technically — is increasing every day. Of the 100 companies in the FTSE in 1984, only 33 are still trading.

Business models that used to be sacrosanct are disappearing left and right. Big corporations seem to get more fragile by the minute. They’re seen as slow to react, bogged down in legacy projects, beset on all sides by ‘disruptors’, with markets and audiences and whole industries dying and being born anew every time you look up from your laptop.

Who could possibly hope to…

At Tangity, we created a toolkit to enable our designers exploring a flood of futures and being able to collect insights and clues to stimulate a debate and to deal with the uncertainty of our times — in terms of individuals, societies and businesses.

The mission

Untangling alternatives is not a toolkit for fortune-tellers; in fact, it’s quite the opposite, it is a mission for explorers, travelers and adventurers. Do you feel like one of those? Great, because to explore and untangle the future with our toolkit, you need to: leave your biases behind, embrace complexity and uncertainty, change your perspective and deal with the unreal. This is the only way to start a real journey through the future and to spot and collect the signals and the opportunities to design a preferable future for all along the way.

“The preferable future is the future we…

It’s about bending, not breaking.

All illustrations by Celeste Caiello

Organizations have traditionally been engineered for maximum efficiency. Pare every stage, every cost, every process down to the fastest, cheapest method possible, and then scale. It works brilliantly for making Model T Fords or cooking a lot of Big Macs.

But it’s fragile. Inflexible. Brittle. One small problem on the line and the whole thing can grind to a halt. It creates silos, where small pockets of talent and expertise exist in isolation from one another, and the buns guy never talks to the burger woman or understands what she does. …

You just don’t know it yet

Photo by Faizan on Unsplash

So, you thought you had Christmas all sewn up. You bought the turkey. You wanted to do beef this year, but your sister-in-law’s nearly veggie and wouldn’t have eaten it. Dad throws a fit every time you try and monkey with tradition anyway, and it’s not worth the fight. But you got a good one, from the fancy butcher, and you were going to try a special spice rub you read about, because it’s secretly better if nobody can really taste it. And, you know, it’s your house.

Your cousin was going to pick up Mum and Dad on his…

Applying a human-centered and collaborative approach to a complex subject

Written by Lucia Ferretti, Anna Focaroli and Corinne Schillizzi

AIDA is a non-profit research project born within Tangity to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their caregivers to communicate effectively.

Why did we focus on communication? First, because it is one of the most challenging skills for people on the Spectrum and, second, because selecting the right communication method is crucial to avoid potential crises. Nevertheless, it is not at all easy to choose the right communication manner to deal with children with ASD because their reactions significantly change depending on the person and on the specific situation…


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